Inspired by the medieval poem, follow the amazing battles in


The Legends of King Arthur: Book 2

Gawain and

the Green Knight

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Renowned for his skill at slaying giants and beasts, Sir Gawain's greatest struggle was with his own over abundance of pride. Thus when a mystical Green Knight manipulates him into a duel that threatens the fate of the entire kingdom, Sir Gawain undertakes a journey into strange lands with dark creatures and bewildering magic. Yet with his faithful steed, Ringolet, and the assistance of some strange new friends and lovers, Gawain charges into battle to test everything he knows of pride, honor, and redemption.

Experience new twists on old legends like:


The Green Knight, Ringolet the horse, and the mermaids of Atlantis

Inspired by classic works including: 


The medieval poem, "Gawain and the Green Knight"




J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit."