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Love and Honor will be pushed to their limits in


The Legends of King Arthur: Book 5

Tristam & Iseult

Arthur sends his most trusted knights out into the world to do good wherever they can, and no knight is more trustworthy and true than Sir Tristam. After saving the breath-takingly beautiful Lady Iseult from bandits, Tristam agrees to act as her guardian and deliver her to the utopian city of Lyonesse where she is to be married to the good King Mark. However, Tristam didn’t expect his heart to be stolen along the way. Upon arriving at Lyonesse, Tristam and Iseult embark upon a forbidden love affair that will test both of their beliefs in goodness and honor. And it just might crumble a city into the sea...

Experience new twists on old legends like:


The Pig Sty Prince, King Mark of Cornwall, the sinking of Lyonesse

Inspired by the classic works including: 


William Shakespeare’s "Romeo & Juliet"


and new dystopian stories like:


"The Lady or the Tiger"


"The One Who Walked Away from Omelas."

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